Research & Development Department

Biozyme’s research & development department is a dynamic department, one of the most advanced and supported by the most modern logistics and laboratory infrastructure. With the advantage of innovation and continuous market research, it proposes to its customers new ideas and solutions, making them competitive in the market.

By investing in research and development, Biozyme creates: unique, innovative, tailor made products designed specifically for you, while constantly improving existing ones.

The specialized scientists of our company with experience in the field of food industry provide comprehensive technical support.

Laboratory Analyzes

Humidity calculation
Farinogram (only for water absorption with humidity calculation)
Farinogram (with humidity calculation)
Stylogram (via MIXOLAB)
Determination of liquid gluten
Albogram (with moisture calculation)
Albogram (with water absorption calculation)
Alveolar test for dry gluten
Gluten Index

Interpretation, explanation and evaluation of research results.

Suggestions for maximizing the effect in wheat mixes.