Biozyme has in its quiver a full range of products for professionals in the bakery, confectionery and catering industry (HO.RE.CA), the bakery industry which at the same time provide reliable, economical and stable solutions. Having many years of experience in flour analysis and the appropriate selection of raw materials for its products, it has managed to be in the first places of the Greek market.


“BIOZYME” Create with headquarters in Moschato, Attica !!


Founder of the company ``George Diamantis & Co. EU``

It is equipped with the most modern machines

Among other things, it has a modern flour analysis laboratory.

Flour mills

With knowledge and weapon the use of our chemistry we are in the first places of preference of the producers of flour products in Greece

IMPROVERS-CONCENTRATES: For all types of flours, for fresh flours / leaking gluten

Some of the features of our products:
resistance of the dough to mechanical stress -
shelf life of bread -
strengthening the gluten grid -
improving water retention etc.

Pita Bread

Knowing the properties of the flour, we apply it to the products for the production of pie for souvlaki (Handmade – Sexualization) and we win the first place in the preference of handicrafts – industries in the field.

IMPROVEMENTS for: Foliation & Handmade pita, Arabic, Cypriot pita, Lava.

Equipped with flour analysis equipment,
we offer the appropriate improver for
creating a pie product with a fluffy structure,
uniform cellularity, non-elastic texture,
without creating ‘balloons’,
correct behavior on the set

Bakeries - Confectionery

The company starts selling products (mixtures - concentrates - auxiliary materials) guided by innovation - quality in a wide range to meet market demand and add new innovative products to the Greek market.


Easy, fast and stable solutions for professionals in the field of mass catering with high quality raw materials for a space that due to the growing demand from the final consumers sets the optimal as a goal.


By George Diamantis

The raw materials we use
and production processes
are crucial
factors of our high quality

Our Customers

With the advantage of innovation and continuous market research, it proposes to its customers new ideas and solutions, making them competitive in the market.


Through a wide variety, we offer a range that covers the most demanding